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High Performance Energy Solutions

beige wooden house layout

High Performance Energy Solutions

Energy is getting more costly by the day, and it makes sense to maximize your use of it and use it to serve your purpose. There are several venues for existing homeowners to cut down on energy consumption, which in turn equals a more comfortable (i.e. stable) indoor environment. Addressing leaks in the building envelope has the added benefit of less bugs, less dust, pollen and contaminants from unconditioned attics and crawl spaces. Custom Remodeling Services LLC offer consultation and implementation of strategies to overcome the inadequacies of common building practices.


We take the time to consider your requirements and specifications to provide you with the results you want. Plus, we offer our top-quality remodeling services for competitive rates too. Call (704) 833-8866 now to speak with one of our customer service representatives. They’ll be happy to answer all your questions, help you find services that are right for you, and go over your options.

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